Levi Wilkerson

Southmoore’s Top 5 Halloween Movie’s

Are you wanting a movie to watch for this spooky month, maybe get a little scare? Well here are the top 5 picked Halloween movies from the students of Southmoore.


  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington the pumpkin king is tired of scaring people in the real world. But that will soon change as he comes across a door to Christmas town. He soon wants to take over Christmas then he kidnaps Santa (real smooth there Jack) and soon trouble occurs. With 34 votes The Nightmare Before Christmas wins first place.

2. Halloween

On October 30th 1978 a mental patient by the name Michael Myers escapes from his captors, killing a mechanic for his coveralls and stealing a mask. The next day high school student Laurie Strode drops off a key to the destroyed Myers home unaware of the night that will befall her on Halloween. With 25 votes Halloween is in second place for most favorited movie

3.   Hocus Pocus

October 31, 1993. Max Dennison is feeling a bit uneasy about his family moving to Salem Massachusetts. He soon takes his little sister trick-or-treating but runs into his new crush Allison.

She mentions her family owns the Sanderson’s cottage and, in an attempt to impress her, goes there with her to prove that the witches that lived there. He soon brings them back accidentally and they must stop these witches from taking the souls of every child. With 13 votes it ties in third place with another movie.


4.   Friday the 13th


It’s 1979, Twenty one years after the death of a boy who drowned in the lake. Camp Crystal lake opens back up after warnings from an old man. A group of friends go out to enjoy some time at the lake, but that would soon be their worst mistake. With 13 votes Friday the 13th ties for third place with Hocus Pocus.


5. Coraline

After moving into a new home Coraline is lead to a small door that is blocked up by bricks. Later that night she is lead back to that door which is now open and clear of bricks. She travels through the door which turns out to be a portal. She discovers her other mother and other father, doppelgangers of her parents. Everything seems calm on the surface but that will soon change. With 12 votes Coraline wins 5th place in the most favorited movies

Special thanks to Ms. Lehew, Ms. Swartz, and  Ms. Hunter for having their class participate in the voting