Southmoore theatre presents the 25th Annual Putham County Spelling Bee!

Directors Brooke Perez and Steve Clausen came together to put on this year’s musical with the help of Carson Decker and Dustin Morningstar. 


Brooklyn Brumley

Addison Bassemier (11) sings about her love of the dictionary.

Brooklyn Brumley, Copy Editor

Alayna Bryson (12) performs the opening number. (Brooklyn Brumley)

     Getting into your character is one of the first things you must work on.

     “Since my character is very quirky,” Marcus Norwood explained. “I would just go wild with dance moves and act like a goof with my castmates backstage.”

     “Getting into character is a process, but the more shows you do the easier it gets. Usually, before I am about to go on stage, I take deep breaths and think of the personal qualities, ticks, and emotions my character has,” Alayna Bryson said. “Also, I look at when the emotion changes. Only you know the story, your audience does not, so every time you step on stage should be a new experience.”

     Once you begin working on your character, many people can see themselves or even other castmates in them.

     “I think Ryan Woods is like his character, Panch,” Norwood explained. “He is so funny and is always willing to help any of us.”

     “I would say Laura Rodriguez is a lot like Olive,” Bryson went on. She is a very anxious, soft-spoken, crazy-thinking individual that is ultimately fascinating, and you cannot help but really like and appreciate her!”

     Sometimes you look at other characters and wonder what it would be like if you played them instead.

     “I would say Madge,” Norwood said. “The character is just fun and the song they sing is one of my favorites.”

     “I think I would want to be Leaf Connybear,” Bryson laughed. “He is such a goofy, innocent, dumb, and socially awkward character and it is just fun to watch Nic (Bridges) and Marcus (Norwood) play him. It would be out of my comfort zone a little, but it seems like a lot of fun.”

     Everyone is bound to have a song or scene they prefer over the others.

     “I really like doing Woe is Me, it’s a fun song and I like the dance,” said Norwood.

     “My favorite part in the show is probably the flashbacks for the characters,” Bryson expressed. “I think those moments show the skill set that our Tech crew has and shows a lot on the characters part to be able to snap in and out of those side characters.”

     Like with everything else, Covid has been a setback.

     “Well, we have never done a comedy musical in my time being here. Also, Covid regulations have really affected our musical and our musical experience. We do not ever eat dinner with each other, which are some of the best times to make memories together, that is some of the places I remember the most fun moments. We do not get to sit all together in the auditorium, if anybody gets quarantined that a lot to deal with, and we cannot have Saturday rehearsals to make up for lost time after the 50 snow/ice storms that decide to come in at random times. This year has been rough when it comes to making my last memories, but I am extremely grateful for such a determined, welcoming teacher, and program, that is willing to fight for some of the only moments that we can have left to make magic and normalcy again,” Bryson explained.