Kick It Up a Notch

Southmoore Boys soccer is a popular sport. So popular that they have two JV teams, JV and JV2.

Brooklyn Brumley, Copy Editor

          “I am a captain on JV2 along with Brayden Story and I play center defensive back,” Kent Perez (10) said. “The JV team tends to be a bit more skilled than JV2.”

     The soccer teams welcome people from all different backgrounds and experiences. 

     “I choose to play soccer because it’s what I grew up playing and it’s fun which has made me love the sport. When I grew up I was playing it in a competitive league but,” Perez explained. “I eventually moved to recreational leagues to more enjoy the fun of the game. I’ve played soccer for almost 13 years but I am also a part of the theatre department. Two different things but both require teamwork and communication.”

     Even with so many people, you must be able to work as a team.


“Cooperation is one of the main things that makes a team work well with everyone. Along with pulling their own weight and giving 110% effort all the time, and seeing your team as a family that you’re a part of, not just a bunch of people you tolerate for the season.”

— Kent Perez


     “Our team does plenty of bonding with each other out on the field as everyone is always pushing each other forward but we host things like family nights as well.”

     The boys also are held to high standards and are expected to lead by example.

     “We have gone to clean certain areas after a storm or help different organizations as a team to support the community,” Perez shared.

     Even though the world has changed, the boys have been able to maintain normalcy. 

     “Covid has changed soccer because we wear a mask inside the locker room and all the time outside unless we are running, but it hasn’t changed the game much for any of us,” Perez explained. 

     The Southmoore JV teams continued to work hard and push now only themselves but each other every day through this 2020-2021 season.