Teacher Tuesday – Ms. Talley

Alexis Lee, writer

Ms. Talley is a new teacher at Southmoore in the World History department. (Alexis Lee)

Ms. Talley is a sophomore World History teacher. Talley has been teaching for three years. She was previously teaching middle school Geography.

When Talley was a kid; she always said she would be a teacher, but she didn’t realize she was serious about it until she went to college!

“My favorite thing about being a teacher has been getting to support my students and the things they’re passionate about,” Talley said. “If I weren’t a teacher, I would have been a wedding planner/event planner.”

She loves well-put-together and organized projects.

“Remember that you don’t have to be perfect,” is Talley’s advice to new teachers wanting to teach at Southmoore. “And get to know your students.”

Ms. Talley is very excited to continue teaching at our school. We’re always with open arms, welcoming new teachers!