Following in their Footsteps

Bradyn Clifton completes his senior year in the marching band, following mom and dad’s band roots.

Brooklyn Brumley, Copy Editor

Clifton isn’t a name you haven’t heard before. Whether you are in band, a senior, or if you have ever found yourself in the counselor’s office, you have probably had an exchange with either Bradyn or his parents.

“All together we have worked together for 20 years and 8 years here at Southmoore,” Mrs. Clifton said.

Working with your spouse definitely has its upside.

“I love getting to work with her because I get to see Alicia’s smiley face all day,” Mr. Clifton said. Both Mr. and Mrs. Clifton agreed that they love being able to work together on things in the band department and being able to walk down and see each other whenever they just need a break.

Getting to be your son’s teacher is “really very cool,” as Mr. Clifton said.

“I get to see his everyday school life,” Mr. Clifton explained. “While it is great for me, it is probably more difficult for him but he is truly a great kid. He is hardworking and it just gives me so much joy to teach him.”

Sometimes it might not be the best, but with your family at the same school, you always have someone to talk to!

“I love knowing my son is in the same building as I am. Being his counselor has been amazing in the fact that he knows he always has someone he can come to,” Mrs. Clifton said.