How Do You Say That?

Meet the girl with the longest last name in Southmoore.

Brooklyn Brumley, Copy Editor

Amulya Beeramankalareddy (10) takes the cake with having the longest last name being 17 letters long.

“It is really cool,” Amulya said. “My name is unique and I’m really happy about that.”

Just looking at her last name can often give subs and teachers a panic, hoping not to completely butcher.

“It’s pronounced like it is spelled. It’s much easier to say it when split into three different parts (Beeram-Ankala-Reddy) rather than trying to say it all at once.” Amulya explained.

She knows that with such a unique name, Amulya is ready for all the mispronunciation.

“I’m always fascinated by the new versions of my name!” Amulya laughed.