2019 SaberCat King


Brooklyn Brumley, Staff Member

The annual SaberCat King pageant took place September 30th. SaberCat King is a fundraiser for the Southmoore Pom team to go to Nationals which are held inOrlando, Florida. With dances, magic, and prepared speeches, this night was full of laughter. 


The contestants started off with a group dance which was choreographed by the Pom team.


Next was sportswear and introductions. Benjamin Kwadu was seen rocking his soccer uniform, while Josh Sepulveda was in his basketball jersey.


After this was the talent competition. Many like Joe Stover and Ian Morris chose to do a dance with their pom girl sponsor, while some needed little-to-no assistance. Garrett McMullin did a contemporary dance, Colin McPherson performed a speech, and Luke Lupton magically  escaped from chains. 


Before the formal wear and interviews segment. Brady Gaughan did a “secret” handshake with his pom partner, Kennedy Wills. When asked which teacher had the biggest impact on him, Sean Robinson said the choir director: Dr. Jones. 


The finale of the show was the announcement of winners. Most Academic was won by Sean Robinson, the Most Changed was Benjamin Kwadu. Mr. Congeniality was Jackson Lehew. Third Runner-Up was Garrett McMullin, Second was Bergen Bailey, and First Runner-Up was Joe Stover. The winner of the 2019 SaberCat King Pageant was Jackson Lehew!