Drama One Acts

Drama One Acts

Brooklyn Brumley, Staff Member

In a land not so far away, the theater department is gearing up for their first one act competition of the season on October 5th at the Tulsa Union State One Act Competition. 


With practices during class and three times a week after school, these young performers are putting their blood, sweat, and tears into the production of this challenging show. This year the show is called The 11th


9/11 changed the world – but how did it change you? Watch the events unfold from the point of view of everyday people in a high school: the teachers, the students, the counselors and the parents. They are people who weren’t in New York or Washington on that day, but were drastically affected, just like you, and each has a story to tell.



The tech crew is working hard on building extraordinary sets for this years competitions in their classes. With new things needing a paint job, wood needing trimmed, or a complete new design needing built from scratch, these artists put everything into making beautiful props. 


One Acts are directed by the ever so talented Mrs. Perez with help from Carson Decker, her amazing right hand man. 


There will be a showing on October 1st at 7pm in the Southmoore Auditorium and classes will come with teachers throughout the school day. Donations for the  Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation will be at the door at the 7 pm show. You are encouraged to join us to watch this sad, emotional tale about real life events with a fiction twist and support the young creators on their way to hopefully many wins!


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