Has Covid Ruined Halloween?

Kylee J

We all know 2020 is different than most years because of Covid-19. Many events and holidays have already been affected. So, what does that mean for Halloween this year? I’m sure many people are wondering that same question.  

 I’m here to tell you that yes Covid is trying to ruin Halloween but it hasn’t completely ruined all of Halloween.  

Fright Fest is still happening however there are some changes. Social distancing will be enforced and there will be no haunted houses. Yes, it sucks but it could be worse. 

 There are other places that are doing their best to make sure Halloween isn’t canceled completely. Boomer in OKC is showing Rocky Horror Picture Show. There’re several haunted forests that people can go to like Wicked Forest of Terror down in OKC. And of course, there’s trick or treating.  

Although some states have attempted to ban trick-or-treating that was quickly shot down by all the protests from the people. 

 So, trick or treating is still on, just not recommended by officials. Plus depending on what area, you live there may be a mandatory mask mandate. Which is really the best thing for Halloween because most costumes include a mask. So, whatever you do be safe about it and know what the rules/ guidelines are.  With all that being said I hope we all can make the best of this year’s spooky season.