How To Be a VSCO Girl

How To Be a VSCO Girl

Brooklyn Brumley, Staff Member

I’m sure no one is new to the term VSCO girl but if you are then you are in luck because today I’m here to teach you the ways of a VSCO girl! 


Urban Dictionary says that a VSCO girl is someone who wears oversized t-shirts or a sweatshirt with Nike shorts. She has Vans, Crocs, Birks, and wears a shell necklace. She always has a Hydro Flask. She can’t leave home without a scrunchie and her favorite car is a Jeep. Other definitions state that she is the 2019 Tumblr girl. 


So where do we start? Well you need to buy a Hydro Flask of course. Just go hop on over to Dicks Sporting Goods and buy yourself that $40 water bottle! Next go on and buy stickers off of Amazon, to go on the bottle of course. 


After getting your Hydro Flask prepped, we need to get the look! You can buy oversized clothes anywhere, just make sure when wearing Nike shorts you give off the allusion that you have nothing underneath! Next, you will need to go to the mall to get victorious Vans, colorful Crocs, and basic Birks. Remember, you can’t just have one! 


Now here’s the fun part… accessories! Shell necklaces can be bought off of Etsy or if you went to Florida in 2015, you might already own one. Scrunchies are everywhere, go to Claire’s or Ross. And if you feel like you haven’t broken the bank to much, get a white Jeep to complete your look!


You already have everything so you are probably wondering, any makeup? And the answer is yes but no. Only wear mascara and Burts Bees lip balm to give off lazy Sunday vibes. If you are feeling very adventurous, then you can add highlighter, but only a little! For hair just make it look like you rolled out of bed to give off the “I don’t care what people think” look. 


Ready to go? Not just quite, call up your other VSCO girl friends to put together a VSCO hangout! You also need someone to take hundreds of selfies of you so you are killing two birds with one stone! Now pick one photo to post, and delete the others. 


But wait, post where? The VSCO app of course! Oh wait! You say you don’t have that app? And I oop sksksksk, back to square one!