Time constraints on kids with extra curriculars

karlee striplin, author


Do you do extracurriculars activities for your school? Do you go to practice sessions? Do you need more time to do homework? Well don’t worry because you aren’t the only one. 

  Students are so wrapped up in school commitments that it is hard to find time for themselves.

  “Softball practice sometimes lasts up to three hours and by the time finished with everything I only have an hour left to myself,” Laila Whitehead said. 

  And Laila’s not the only one trying to find more time for herself. Kids all over the school who have extracurriculars deal with this problem too. 

  “By the time I get home from volleyball practice I’m already exhausted and can barely hold my head up,” Katrina Wiegler said, “let alone do two hours of homework.” 

   Extracurriculars do have a price of taking away your energy and time, but they are really fun and worthwhile when winning with your teammates.