What is your preferred type of mask?

marleighcook, writer

 Masks are new for all of us, but some masks have already become more popularKarlee Striplin said her preferred type of mask is cloth because its the most comfortable. Olivia Chitty said her favorite type of mask is also cloth because it’s breathable. 

 Caroline Cole said hers is the ones that have a guard at the top to keep her glasses from fogging up. It’s clear that convenience and comfort are very important to choosing what kind of mask to wear. Masks have become a fashion trend,now you’ll see people with masks that go with every outfit and that match their personality. 

We don’t know how long masks will be enforced so we might as well make them fun to wear! Masks started out as inconvenient but have become the new normal. No matter what type of mask you prefer you can find them basically anywhere.