How Corona Has Changed Our Lives

Aliyah Strawn, writer

Corona has changed the way we play sports, go to school, and breath. Only a certain amount of tickets sold for sports because everyone must be seated six feet away from each other. In school, we must use computers, so we don’t cross contaminate with papers and books, along with smaller classrooms and spaced away from others. The masks don’t really help either, they make it harder to hear people and it is mandatory to wear them almost everywhere you go. At restaurants, they have you wear a mask to your seat and when you leave. “The masks are not fun,” Caroline said, “they are hard to breathe through.” It has come to my attention that a lot of people had rather stayed home instead of came back to school. Others seem happy to be back and see their friends they have missed. As someone who wants to say anonymous says, “I’ve has more time to spend with myself and I found I don’t like very many people.”