New relatable movie on Netflix


Kylie Sagal, Staff Member

Have you ever felt like the odd one out of the group? Or you just didn’t fit in like everyone else? Well, if so then you can most likely relate to the movie Tall Girl that is new to Netflix. The movie Tall Girl is the latest teen rom-com flick. The movie is about a girl named Jodi that is 6’1. 


 At the age of 16, and wears a size 13 men shoes, and, is on a journey to find love and most of all self- acceptance. Jodi’s parents always tried to make Jodi feel better about her height and that she was perfect the way she is, that they even had a tall people club meeting at their house with a group of people just like Jodi, but little did they know that they only made her feel worse about herself instead of helping her accept herself for who she is.  


The only boy who had ever liked Jodi is her weird friend Jack, however, she sees him more as a brother then a potential boyfriend. Then everything starts to change, when hot new guy named Stig arrives at Jodi’s school and she thinks she has met her match. Why? Well, because he is tall like her, plays piano, and is very sweet and charming.  


I’m sure you’re following me here… Jodi flirts with Stig and tries to become popular. Jack tries to date someone else but can’t shake his feelings for Jodi. Of course, the moral of the story here is stay true to yourself and value the ones who love you as truly are.